What do we do as a PTA?

We want to help you be more involved in your student's education. Our goal is not simply to raise funds but to support Sherwood Forest Elementary and our teachers by providing our scholars with the best possible learning environment possible. 

Some of what we do:

Fundraising: The biggest fundraisers each year are held in the fall and spring. Typically the fall fundraiser is our Walk-a-thon, where students will be asked to raise money through donations and can win individual and class prizes. Sherwood Forest PTA participates in several Rebate and Rewards programs which earn the school money while you shop. The Book Fair earns our school a portion of the total sales, which is used to buy books for the school library and classrooms. The spring fundraiser is typically chocolate bar sales from World's Finest Chocolate, or we have fundraised through Cherrydale.

Recognition: Twice a year, during Student-Led Conferences, the Staff Appreciation committee hosts lunch or breakfast items for the teachers who are working extra long days. The Staff Appreciation committee also coordinates events during National Teacher Appreciation Week, usually held in May.

Enrichment: Programs and events such as the Art Docent Program, Science Fair, Multicultural Night, Scholastic Book Fair. The PTA funds or subsidizes a field trip for each grade each year, as well as for organized groups like 5th Grade Celebration and Crossing Guard.

Community Outreach: Tears & Cheers Breakfast, for Kindergarten parents on the first day of school for Kindergartners. Family Fun Nights, such as skate night at Pattison's West, movie night at school and restaurant takeovers. Check out our events calendar for dates and times. Popcorn Fridays, held two Fridays each month where students can pre-order bags of popcorn for 25 cents per bag. The annual spring Carnival is one of our biggest events, complete with fun games, food, bouncy houses and raffle for classroom Baskets.

Committees and Events - Explained

Art Docent
Committee Chair: OPEN

To support arts education at Sherwood Forest, the PTA sponsors the volunteer-run Art Docent program. Volunteers from the school teach art lessons about a particular artist and/or elements of art, and guide the students in creating a work of art in that style. Volunteers are not required to have had experience as an art teacher. Training and lesson plans are provided.

Winter Clothing Drive
Committee Chair: OPEN

Support our Sherwood Forest Elementary families in need by collecting winter clothing such as winter coats, gloves, hats and then wash and sort the items post-drive. Donations are given to the Family Liaison for distribution.

Book Fair 
Committee Chair: OPEN

This week-long event is held in the spring and fall each year; it is an opportunity for students and families to purchase books and gifts from Scholastic. This event earns Scholastic dollars for the school to purchase books for the library.  The book fair is held in the library during the school day and usually tied in with an evening event. 1-3 volunteers are needed to run the book fair during the day, and one night during the week (other events depending).  We are also in need of someone to “chair” the event; this means coordinating dates/times with the school and working with the librarian and Scholastic to procure materials for sale.

Food Drive

Support Sherwood Forest Elementary families in need during the holiday season. Collect non-perishable unexpired food items for two weeks prior to the Thanksgiving holiday by placing collection bins in each classroom. This event does not require any specific day or evening commitment. Volunteers are needed to help sort food on the last day of collection. There is a budget line item for expenses should you choose to advertise incentives/prizes.

Spring Carnival
Committee Chair: OPEN

This evening event is an opportunity for families to come out for a night of fun with games, prizes, food and bouncy houses! Volunteers are needed to serve food, sell concessions, run games, sell tickets and greet families at the door.  There are about 15 games, 4 volunteers needed for each game (2 shifts). We are also need of someone to chair this event; this means working with the school, getting sub-committee chairs (volunteer coordinator, games, food, setup, prizes, etc.).
This is THE MAJOR event of the year and takes many hands to run well!

Family Fun Nights 
Committee Chair: OPEN

This is a fun night out for students and their families. We play a movie in the gymnasium, and offer food/dinner beforehand (for a cost). Volunteers are needed to serve food, run concessions and direct families to the gymnasium.

Fifth Grade Celebration 
Committee Chair: OPEN

This daytime offsite event is an opportunity to celebrate our 5th graders before the move on to middle school. A “chair” is needed for this event, to work with the principal, 5th grade teachers and students to determine the offsite activity, run additional fundraisers (if needed), and form a committee.
Volunteers are needed for the committee to plan and execute the event, and chaperone students at an offsite location.

Multicultural Night 
Committee Chair: OPEN
An event held one evening in the fall, Sherwood Forest Elementary celebrates our vast diversity and community by offering food and entertainment from around the world. Enjoy our traditional flag ceremony and visit booths throughout the gym to learn more about different cultures and earn a stamp in your passport!

Santa Breakfast
Committee Chair: OPEN

This is a weekend, daytime free event to all families, enjoying the holiday season and celebrating different traditions at the Forest. Volunteers are needed to greet families at the door, serve food, and run arts/craft stations. We are also looking for volunteers to create a photo backdrop and someone with a camera to take photos for families.

Popcorn Fridays
Committee Chair: OPEN

Work with an amazing team to make, bag and sell popcorn during lunch time. Cost for a bag of popcorn is 25 cents, free for PTA members at events.

International Pi Day
Committee Chair: OPEN

Celebrate International Pi Day by bringing in different pies for our teacher and staff! Pi Day is on March 14, and any day that combines fun, education, and pie is a day worth celebrating! Pi, also known by the Greek letter “π,” is a constant value used in math that represents the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is just about 3.14….15…9265359… (and so on). Not only that, but the fourteenth of March is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, so all together it’s nothing short of a mathematician’s delight. Learn more about National Pi Day here: https://nationaltoday.com/national-pi-day/

Passive Fundraisers
Committee Chair: Tammy Clever
Box Tops: Periodically collect box tops turned in to the office and from teacher envelopes, format them according to the company's instructions and mail them in.
Amazon Smiles: Work with Communications to include marketing promotions in newsletter, social media and email. Report results quarterly to PTA board.
Fred Meyer Rewards: Promote rewards opportunities and report results quarterly to PTA board.

Committee Chair: OPEN
This year's fundraisers include Cherrydale, benefitting student programs and teacher subsidies.

Science Fair
Committee Chair: OPEN

This daytime and evening event is an opportunity for students to create and present their science projects. Volunteers are needed to judge submissions during the day, and assist with the showcase open to students and families that evening.

Staff Appreciation: 
Committee Chair: OPEN
These daytime events are held during student-led conferences and National Staff Appreciation Week. Volunteers prepare foods and snacks for our wonderful teachers and staff, who spend most of the day in conferences. Even if you can’t be there the day of the events to run the food carts, your contribution of your favorite food or snack is greatly appreciated!

Walk-a-thon (Fall Fundraiser):
Committee Chair: OPEN
This daytime fundraising event is held during school hours. We are looking for someone to “chair” the event; this means coordinating the times with the school, gathering volunteers for set up and running the event the day of. The theme is “Monster Dash” and the PTA board has already begun procuring prizes for this event. We already have most supplies and there is an event notebook for reference. Please consider helping with this event; it is one of our major fundraisers for the year. Funds raised at this event will go toward supporting PTA-sponsored events and programs at Sherwood Forest throughout the year.

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